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Aug, 2012:
To coincide with the release of Adobe CS6, TboneGreen Design acquired a fancy new laptop. I have been working with the new 15" Macbook Pro for a couple weeks and I have been extremely impressed! Highly recommended.

About Me

Like it says on the top of this page, my name is Tyler Green. I am a 30 year old guy, who is always smiling, and can often be found tinkering with my computers, playing with my dog, or having fun on my mountain bike or with my kayaks. All of my life I've spent every possible minute outdoors, being active and doing the things I love.



“A man does not climb a mountain without bringing some of it away with him, and leaving something of himself upon it."

- Sir Martin Conway



My Family

I am a middle child in a family of five. I was raised by two of the most amazing parents a guy could ask for and grew up with two sisters, one younger and one older than me. Being the middle child, and the only boy, I learned to have a great deal of patience early on in life! In all seriousness, I have always appreciated everything I have taken and received from my family, whether it be financial help from my parents when going through university, or a quick ‘cheer up’ from one of my sisters when I was down. I could not have asked for more in the family department.

My Life

I am currently working at the University of Manitoba as a Special Constable with Security Services. I landed this job after working two seasons with Manitoba Conservation as a Park Patrol Officer. While working a seasonal job with Manitoba Conservation, I started my own web design/graphic design business to keep myself busy in the off season. This is something that I have continued to work on while working full time at the University of Manitoba. Keeping me sane through my long hours of work and play is my amazing girlfriend Angela. She shares almost all of my interests, which makes spending time with her one of my favorite pastimes!