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Aug, 2012:
To coincide with the release of Adobe CS6, TboneGreen Design acquired a fancy new laptop. I have been working with the new 15" Macbook Pro for a couple weeks and I have been extremely impressed! Highly recommended.


Welcome to the personal homepage of me, Tyler R. Green. I have set up this website as a way for you, a potential employer, to get to know who I am, what education I have, what my skills are, and what I like to do. Hopefully this will give you a deeper look into my background; something that you would not be able to get from a generic resume.

This site has been in existence since the early months of 2008, and is given a quick overhaul every once in a while. I came up with the idea while trying to 'think outside the box' of how to make my resume stand out. The solution I came up with was to extend my resume to the web, where it can be viewed by anyone at almost anytime, and gives a much better view of who i am than printed paper ever could.

My Goal

My overall goal for this website is to land a job in the field in which I have been trained. Ideally, this job would be in my home province of Manitoba. Being a proud Manitoba boy growing up, I always said that I would never leave this place.

In today's world it can be a difficult task to seperate yourself from all the others, to promote yourself, to prove that you are the better choice when it comes to hiring an employee. The driving force behind building this website is to show people what i am all about, what i'm interested in, and what i have to offer.