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Aug, 2012:
To coincide with the release of Adobe CS6, TboneGreen Design acquired a fancy new laptop. I have been working with the new 15" Macbook Pro for a couple weeks and I have been extremely impressed! Highly recommended.


When I'm not working, learning something new or sleeping, I can be found doing any of the numerous activities that I love.

Mountain biking has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. When I was young my dad started making trails in the bush on the quarter section of land which I grew up on. I have recently extended this trail network significantly and use it, combined with my mountain bike, almost daily as a place to workout. I love taking my bike with me whenever possible to find hidden trails and treasures wherever I travel.

Max is my seven year old Golden Retriever. I adopted him when he was a puppy. Since then we have been best buds. Max loves to tag along with me as much as possible when I go mountain biking, whether it be in my own personal mountain bike trails, or at a nearby provincial park. Although he loves to run, Max‘s favorite thing to do is swim. He swims alongside me for the odd kayak trip and loves every single minute of it.

I started golfing when I was fairly young. It was always something that I loved doing but never really made time to do it. I have recently started playing quite a bit more as a result of having a girlfriend who loves golf as a summer pastime as much as me! We make a point every year to try to make it out to as many different golf courses as possible. We have also started a tradition of making a trip up to Hecla Island Golf Resort every year to camp and golf.

While attending a research conference in Victoria, I was able to spend a full weekend kayaking along the west coast of Canada, near Salt Spring Island. It was a surreal experience, and as a result I have purchased two kayaks of my own. There is a river near my house which leads to a provincial park that I have kayaked frequently. Back country kayak trips have also been extremely fun and have taught me how to pack light while camping!

Building and working on computers is something that was originally fueled by my love of video games. I currently work on a Macbook Pro laptop and a monster Windows based machine which I hand built, complete with three monitor wide "Eyefinity" set up.

There is no way to better capture a memory than to take a picture, which is something I have been doing since I got my first film camera over 20 years ago. Currently I own an Olympus E-500 Digital SLR camera, which I have taken with me from the west coast of Canada, to the Northern edges of Manitoba where I captured images of the beluga whales and polar bears in Churchill. I also have a Waterproof Olympus Point and Shoot Camera that I literally carry with me in my pocket wherever I go.